A number of professional health and wellness massages can be provided during your stay. For more information about prices and bookings, just ask us.

Reiki and energy treatment

Susan Rinn is a Reiki practitioner who offers sessions at the apartment. Reiki is a Japanese technique of ‘laying on hands’, promoting health and well-being and reducing stress. It can also help with pain management, improve sleep, soothe digestion, and release toxins from the body.
Duration approx. 75 min. 70€

Full body relaxation massage

This massage relaxes the entire musculature and joints and improves the circulation of the skin and connective tissue. The massage can be performed gently or more intensively.
Duration approx. 60 min.

Back and neck massage

This massage eases tension in the back and neck area. Hands and arms are included in the massage
Duration approx. 45 min.

Foot massage

The feet and legs are massaged up to the knee. In doing so, the reflex zones which are connected with the corresponding organs are stimulated. The treatment is gentle, pleasant and very relaxing.
Duration approx. 35 min.